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What our lovely clients say:

❝ Cheryl has worked with a number of my clients now and without exception they have been delighted with her clear delivery of knowledge, bringing the right solutions at reasonable cost.  

Legal Love Letters: testimonials

Our existing clients are our biggest fans

legal love letters is a business for goo

We've been looking after families like yours for over 20 years and regularly receive a lot of lovely comments and testimonials about how surprisingly different and upbeat their experience was compared to what they were  expecting, especially considering the topic. 

More importantly, our clients tell us that they enjoyed the conversation! 

The fact that the majority of people who come to us are usually introduced via enthusiastic  recommendation from our existing clients' relatives, friends and colleagues as well as a large number of accountants, mortgage brokers and financial advisers always feels like a huge compliment. In fact, it's those word-of-mouth introductions that have kept us in business for more than two decades.


The wonderful reactions and feedback we've had from everyone about our new name is absolutely magical - one client even said it sounded romantic! When you think about it, a will is very much an affair of the heart because we only give to those people and causes that we feel affection for don't we?  

If you're thinking about writing your Legal Love Letter by creating a will that works well for you and the people you care about, then get in touch. #WhoDoYouLove

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