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Why do I need a Will?
Your assets will be frozen until any claims are processed and the administration of your estate is completed. This could take months or even years and cause huge distress and financial difficulties for those who rely on you.
Do you have children under 18?
Did you know if you don't appoint a guardian for your children, the courts and social services
will have to?

Are you married?

Most Married Couples mistakenly assume that everything they have will automatically go to their other half if one of them dies. Without a Will, other members of the family could make a legitimate claim on your estate. 

Do you have children from a previous relationship?

In the absence of both parents, assets will pass to the children (or family) of whoever died second, leaving the other person's family with nothing. There's no such thing as simultaneous death in the eyes of the law. Read more about it here.

Are you and your partner unmarried?

Your partner has no legal entitlement to any part of your estate unless you write a Will to include them. Read Gill Lavery's sad story here.

Do you have assets in your name only?


What's Next?

You'll be pleased to know that there is nothing you need to prepare in advance! In fact it is better that you put it out of your mind until we see you. Logo 2
How do I start?

Arrange a home visit or video call consultation by calling our friendly team and even if you aren't sure about a meeting just yet, an initial chat over the phone with an adviser is a really good idea

What do I need to get ready before a meeting?

Legal Love Letters: how do I start?

Arrange a home visit

Discuss your Will or Lasting power of attorney with an expert in the comfort of your own home (or office) at a time that's suits you.

Overseas or too busy? No problem, your consultation can take place via telephone, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Skype or Zoom

Video Call consultation

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Speak in confidence to an experienced legal expert who will get to know your situation and 
thoughts about what you'd like to achieve so that we can write a will
you'll understand and feel good about.
  • If you want to explore your options this is a great way to start

    15 min

      Mon - Fri: 10am - 9pm

See what our lovely clients say:

 ❝ Cheryl has worked with a number of my clients now and without exception they have been delighted with her clear delivery of knowledge, bringing the right solutions at reasonable cost.   



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