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Legal Love Letters
doesn't that feel nicer already?
Wills are more about love than money.
We show you how to write one
you feel really good about.
Your Legal Love Letter
What will yours say?

      Mon - Fri: 10am - 9pm

See what our lovely clients say:
❝ Cheryl has worked with a number of my clients now and without exception they have been delighted with her clear delivery of knowledge, bringing the right solutions at reasonable cost.  
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Why not? Because no one wants to talk about death. It feels too dark, so personal. And those guys with black suits and sombre faces don’t make it too enticing to want to sort this stuff out.


Never mind, you can always figure it out later, right?


If you die without a will, it can make a terrible time for those left to pick up the pieces even worse - they’ll be arguing, dealing with banks and solicitors, and generally just not coping. Why make it hard for them?

We promise to make it easy for you.


Don’t think of it as talking about death; think of it as a really great thing

to do for the people you care about instead. 


And we won’t turn up in a black suit either.

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