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Write your Legal Love Letter by creating a will that works well for you and the people you care about.

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Legal Love Letters was created mainly to bring about a pleasant shift in the way we think about why we write wills, who they're for and what we're really saying when we write one. For over two decades, we've helped thousands of people all over the UK write wills they understand and feel good about and our existing clients are our biggest fans. They've taught us that wills are more about love than money because ultimately, we only give what we have to the people and causes that we feel  affection for don't we? 

Would you leave what you have worked hard for to somebody you dislike? 

Probably not.

Although wills are practical legal documents, we work closely with our clients to create a clear plan that succeeds for everyone involved in terms of love as well as legacy. We believe wills aren't just about money, they're also about connection and appreciation: a Legal Love Letter. Doesn't that feel nicer already? 

You're most likely here because you have a question. Well, if it's anything relating to writing a will, lasting power of attorney or about probate, then you're in exactly the right place. Have you been meaning to write a will for ages but you're not really sure where to begin? Or perhaps you've looked at the LPA forms and given up? Maybe the thought of these things frightens you a bit? A lot of people feel some degree of anxiety about wills so you're not alone if that's the case. 


Let's have a conversation

You've already taken a positive step by being here on our site right now.

If you're thinking about writing your Legal Love Letter by creating a will that works well for you and the people you care about, then we're the people to speak to. By working with us, you'll have access to a network of legacy professionals - knowledgeable and caring people who are here to ensure you get things right not just for now but across the years and different stages of life. You'll find the conversation with us informal in style and an opportunity to ask any burning questions you might have. There's a fair amount to consider before you start writing a will which is why you should always take advice first. For instance, the way you own your property has a huge bearing on what happens in relation to your will. 

See: How do you own your property?


Get the ball rolling and speak in confidence to a legacy consultant who will get to know your situation, answer your questions and offer constructive advice about your choices.


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