In our experience, writing a Will is very much an affair of the heart! You only give to those people and causes that you love don't you? We create an experience where you'll feel really good about writing your Will - your Legal Love Letter. 

'Standard' Mirror Wills simply do not work for 21st century families anymore, particularly if you have children from a former marriage or relationship. Too many people today are being disinherited because their mum or dad remarried and wrote the wrong type of Will. Stuart Herd is one such person who lost his family inheritance because his father and step-mother unfortunately wrote standard mirror Wills.

Stuart's story on: This is Money  

Getting a Will written properly is essential, especially if you are a parent.

'You don't know what you don't know'


We regularly receive a lot of lovely comments from our clients about how surprisingly different and upbeat their experience was compared to what they were  expecting, considering the topic!

The majority of people who use our services  tend  to   come  via  

enthusiastic  recommendation

from our existing clients' relatives,  friends and colleagues as well as  a large number of accountants, mortgage brokers and financial advisers.  

If you're thinking about writing your Legal Love Letter by doing a Will, you'll be pleased to know there's nothing you have to get ready in advance and no paperwork to hunt around for.


Losing somebody you love can be hard enough to cope with emotionally without also having to deal with the practical aspects as well. It's a horrible time and it can be hard to think clearly.


As probate specialists, we are here to give Executors help and advice about how to complete Probate, Inheritance Tax and Property Transfer forms, to a full Probate administration service where we can take care of everything for you. Quotes for this are based on an all inclusive fixed fee and specific to your situation so that everybody knows where they stand and there are no surprises.

Usually there is a lot more for an Executor to do than they initially realise and the work involved is extremely time consuming. 

If you're struggling or not sure what your options are then please call. It's a good idea to find out what is involved before you commit to your legal role as Executor.

It's worth knowing that if an individual acting as Executor messes up the administration, they could be held personally 

liable and sued by the beneficiaries. 

Surprisingly few people realise this when they accept the role, and even fewer realise that the liability can be unlimited and personal to the executor rather than the estate.

Lasting Power of Attorney

If you lose the ability to make decisions for yourself due to illness or accident, then the Court of Protection will make all of them for you unless you have a legal document called Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA). If you're married and have joint accounts, an LPA is essential as you could lose access to money held in them if one of the account holders loses capacity. These are what we are busiest with right now.

There are two separate types of LPA. Download our case example and fact sheet if you would like to learn more about what each one can be used for and how helpful they really can be.



Every UK adult should have at least one of these prepared and registered. Find out why: 

Heather Bateman - The Childrens Books Author tells her heartbreaking story of her struggle to manage her affairs following her husband's accident and the hardship suffered due to the lack of  a valid LPA.


The One Show 

Heather Bateman's Story

Your Voice.Your Choice
Why do I need a Will?

Do you have children under 18?

Did you know if you don't appoint a guardian for your children, the courts and social services will have to?

Are you married?

Most Married Couples mistakenly assume that everything they have will automatically go to their other half if one of them dies. Without a Will, other members of the family could make a legitimate claim on your estate

Do you have children from a previous relationship?

In the absence of both parents, assets will pass to the children (or family) of whoever died second, leaving the other person's family with nothing.

Are you and your partner unmarried?

Your partner has no legal entitlement to any part of your estate unless you write a Will to include them.

Do you have assets in your name only?

Your assets will be frozen until any claims are processed and the administration of your estate is completed. This could take months or even years and cause huge distress and financial difficulties for those who rely on you.

What's Next?

How do I even start?

Arrange a home visit or Skype meeting by calling our friendly team on 020 8773 9998 or 0845 055 1661.


An initial chat over the phone is a really good idea if you aren't sure about a meeting just yet.

What do I need to get ready before a meeting?

You'll be pleased to know that there is nothing you need to prepare in advance! In fact it is better that you put it out of your mind until we see you.

Who do you love?

Wills are more about love than money.

We show you how to write one you feel really good about. Your Legal Love Letter

What will yours say?




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