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Legal Love Letters 
what will yours say?
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Rebranding: what's in a name?

Legal Letters and

Why Rebrand?

A long while ago, I realised the word 'Will' and the word 'Probate', let alone using those two words together, made most people feel a little icky or uncomfortable. Descriptive? Yes, it was what it 'said on the tin'. Appealing? No, it sounded like death - an absolute conversation killer.

Regardless, I was proud of and for years I'd banged a drum telling anyone who would listen that wills are more about love than money. I often described them as a legal kind of love letter. On reflection, I can see those words always got such a lovely reaction but I wasn't really taking much notice of just how powerful they actually were.

Magical even.

I arrived at a London venue for a training day run by top entrepreneur, author and business strategy expert Daniel Priestley. There were around 120 of us there to learn about creating a clear business identity with, purpose and message. It was called Pitch day and among other things, we would practice introducing ourselves and our businesses in an interesting, confident way. It marked a turning point in my life and future business choices.

There was a point where we were encouraged to rehearse our initial introduction pitch with two others in the room in order to receive some constructive feedback.

Little did I know I was about to experience the best feedback of my life!

A lovely guy called Keran Turakhia was one of the people I was paired with to do the pitching exercise. He had a lively personality and I remember listening to what he had to say about his business and then giving him feedback as we were told to do. It came to my turn and I started by saying something really basic like "Hello, I'm Cheryl Penry and I run a company called Will and Probate...."