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The Loneliest Billboard in Town? 😁

I could have posted about this a few weeks ago but at the beginning of the UK lock down, I didn't feel much like promoting Legal Love Letters. It felt a bit strange even though my line of work has become even more relevant recently. Lets face it, people didn't like talking about wills and stuff even before these crazy covid times! So among other things, I updated the website, enrolled on a number of e-learning courses, read books and generally enjoyed the slower pace.

Business continued but in a different way. Just before the lock down though, I had ordered a 20ft x 10ft billboard as a brand awareness exercise for Legal Love Letters. Talk about timing! 😂😱 Five days into lock down, my bright pink billboard went up at a usually busy junction on the main A23 London to Brighton Rd (near Coulsdon)

There it stood loud and proud ... and alone ... not a soul or car in sight ... for weeks! 😂😷

The loneliest billboard in town! #nocars

I giggled when I passed it today. There it was in all its bright pink glory, I love it!

Only I could put a billboard up during a lock down 🤪

Things don't always go according to plan but that's okay 😁

If lock down hadn't happened, I probably would have posted a possibly bland 'Tadaa! Here's my billboard' type of thing. Where as now it has a unique funny little story all of it own! I hope it gives you a smile too if you happen to see it on the A23 👋😊

Stay safe and well 💕



Legal Love Letters Blog Post | The loneliest billboard in town

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