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the hug

Someone sent me this telepathic hug, it's all we have at the moment so it would be rude for me not to pass on the love and lots of it, especially now.

I've learned something about hugs recently - or should I say, the lack of them in these crazy times of Covid-19. There are four people in my household so this isn't about my own situation but it caught my attention more than once this week:

the importance of hugs

Who could have known that we would be living in a time where we are restricted from from physically meeting or touching the people we love? That a warm embrace could put someone's life at risk?

The pain of this situation became very apparent to me when recently, a lovely lady and client of mine, rang to tell me that her husband had passed away. Covid had claimed another life.

We had a long conversation about how to manage in a time like this and as she described her situation I could feel my heart breaking for her.

She was happily married for 47 years and had lost the love of her life only the day before due to the virus. She spoke with gentle resignation and acceptance of the fact she was to remain in strict isolation at a time in her life when she needs human contact and a hug with her sons the most.

There is nothing more soothing than the comfort of loving arms in times of sadness but that will have to wait. The person she would normally turn to isn't ⁰there anymore.

Profound grief while in strict isolation, can you even imagine that?

She has two adult sons who need their mum as much as she needs them and yet they are unable to meet for two long weeks due to contact with the man she loved.

She wasn't able to be there when he died. She recalls fondly, her last conversation with her husband over the telephone as they said their farewell. She said it hasn't hit her yet, that she's keeping herself as busy as she can so that she doesn't break down.

She says "Cheryl, what I really want is a great big hug and that's just not possible at the moment"

Despite her family receiving literally hundreds of messages of love and support, there will be just 4 people at the funeral. They are strongly advised to stick to the social distancing rules whilst there, so no still no hug. The temptation to comfort and connect with each other must be excruciating in moments of such grief.

Hugs, we can never under estimate their power. What would you do?


Legal Love Letters Blog: the hug

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