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Lasting Power of Attorney

If you lose the ability to make decisions for yourself due to illness or an accident, then the

Court of Protection will consider you to be a 'vulnerable adult' and step in to take over unless you legally appoint somebody to do this for you.


You can only give that authority in a registered legal document called

Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA).

When someone has lost capacity, a written letter to the bank simply won't work!

Even if you're married and have joint accounts, an LPA for Property and Finance is absolutely essential otherwise you could lose access to money held in them if one of the account holders loses capacity.

These are what we are busiest with right now.

There are two separate types of LPA: Property & Finance and Health & Welfare.
Read Heather Bateman's story or watch her interview on BBC's the One Show if you would like to learn more about happens if you have an accident or illness
and you don't have a Property & Finance LPA in place

Every UK adult should have at least one of these prepared and registered.  

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Heather Bateman's story on the One Show

The Childrens Books Author tells her heartbreaking story of her struggle to manage her affairs following her husband's accident and the hardship suffered due to the lack of  a valid LPA.

Lasting Power of Attorney

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